Experienced Florida Flat Fee MLS Listing Provider

What is ADDvantage Thinking Charging By (Program not currently available) for a Flat Fee MLS Listing in Florida?

Many Floridians that reach our website see our prices and must immediately wonder why we charge (Program not currently available) for a flat fee MLS listing when other services are less expensive.

While many visitors to our site immediately think there is no difference between the ADDvantage brand of flat fee MLS and the next offer on the web, others read on and realize what we offer is different. Even though ADDvantage is (Program not currently available) for our basic 9 months listing in the MLS, we are chosen 2 to 1 over our nearest competitor offering a similar service.

The reason many by owners list through ADDvantage is they realize we pay attention to the small details. But to us, answering the phone from 9:00am-6:00pm is not a small detail. It can make the difference between getting your Florida home shown over the weekend or not. To us, flat fee MLS is about sales and marketing.

There are many differences between an ADDvantage flat fee MLS listing and other offers. Below are just a few examples.

First, the idea that all calls go directly to the seller is false. They simply don't! Fact… Realtors or buyers from Realtor.com, Homes.com, and other FSBO websites have called ADDvantage for assistance about our flat fee MLS listed properties over the past 12 months. These callers may have attempted to call the seller first and received no answer or they might have called us first and not the seller. As broker of record (flat fee listing firm), our phone number is also published in the MLS along with the seller's phone number.

It doesn't really matter why Realtors call, but what truly matters is that every seller that lists through ADDvantage is guaranteed that we will not miss any showing requests from Realtors or buyers. We are here 9:00am-6:00pm 7-days a week supporting our sellers. We even state this in our flat fee MLS listing agreement.

ADDvantage is the only flat fee MLS service in Florida that believes our live phone support is worth being more expensive than others but also we realize that this enables us to offer such an important service to our clients.

Then again, we are the only flat fee MLS service in Florida that sends a “welcome letter” to all clients informing them of what they can do to help their sale. And, a follow-up with a phone call to make sure they have uploaded important documents such as the seller's disclosure. And, if that wasn't enough to convince our client to “get ready for an offer”, we send an automatic email to remind them…again.

ADDvantage is owned and operated by a team of experienced real estate professionals, MLS administrators, web developers, and Internet marketing specialists.

We are licensed in Florida as brokers, since 1984. So when you list in the MLS anywhere in Florida, paying a bit more for our brand of MLS listing pays off…we guaranteed it!

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