How do I sell my house on the Multiple Listing Service?

Thinking of selling your house by owner and want to get listed in the MLS? Home owners are searching the Internet everyday for answers to their question of “how do I sell my house on MLS”. The reason by owners are searching this term is to save money over a traditional 6% listing commission.

The ADDvantage® Real Estate Network has the answers to help you market and sell your home on the MLS by owner with no hassles or unpleasant surprises.

We are the most reliable and trusted flat fee MLS listing service in America because our flat fee MLS network is national. Our local brokers and agents will assist you every step of the way to get the results you expect and help you realize the savings of listing on the MLS by owner.

We are available anytime to answer questions that you might have along the way and our fees are deeply discounted.

The benefit of selling your house on the MLS with ADDvantage® is you will pay only one low flat fee to ADDvantage® and receive many of the same benefits that a full-service agent would provide but at half the cost. By owners choose to list with the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network because you will save about 50% of what a full-service 6% listing would cost.

Instead of paying 6% to list a home in the MLS, when you list with ADDvantage® you offer just the buyer's agent a commission. Many by owners set the buyer's agent commission at 3%…But, you decide how much to offer as a commission, not the agent. You can offer 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% or whatever commission percentage you wish. This commission is earned 100% by the buyer's agent…There is no listing commission!

We are the most reliable and trusted flat fee MLS listing service in America because our network of brokers and agents are local. Each local licensed broker is a member of the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network which assures reliability and consistency. From the beginning of your listing right through the sale of your home, our local member brokers will assist you will all your needs. Most by owner MLS sellers have questions about how listing flat fee in the MLS works, have questions about pricing their home or need more information about how much commission to offer buyer's agents. Whatever your questions are, our network of professional and knowledable agents and brokers will be there to assist you.

While there are many benefits of selling your house on the MLS with the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network, our Internet marketing separates us from other discount real estate companies. With ADDvantage®, you have 100% control over your MLS listing, not the agent. Using your own control panel, you are in control over changing price, commissions, pictures or your MLS property description with just a click. Once completed, a MLS administrator will confirm the change with an email sent to you.

The fee you pay to ADDvantage® is a predetermined flat fee. And, you receive many of the same benefits that a full-service agent would provide but with one very big exception…Our Internet marketing is more sophisticated and powerful than any full-service real estate agent could possibly offer you. When you list flat fee in the MLS with ADDvantage®, your MLS listing will gain exposure on hundreds of FSBO websites such as, Trulia, Vast, Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL,, and of course, the most prolific website on planet earth,

While many by owner MLS sellers offer a 3% commission to buyer's agents, some sellers offer less and some offer more. For those sellers that wish to offer more incentive to buyer's agents, such as a 4% commission, ADDvantage® has developed a powerful marketing campaign directed at the Realtors® called Street Smart ADDvantage®. This proactive flat fee MLS program sends an email twice a month to all Realtors® in your area. Each Street Smart ADDvantage® email contains a link that takes the Realtor® directly to your MLS listing on our website.

We have the answers to the question asked by many by owners of ”how do I sell my house on the MLS”. ADDvantage® is the answer! Look to a name you can trust, the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network.

Have questions about our Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans? Call us, we are here 9:00am-6:00pm 7 days… 727-942-2929 or 1-877-232-9695