For Sale By Owner teams up with Flat Fee MLS

Is there a better combination than Oreos and milk or peanut and jelly? There is now because ‘for sale by owner’ and the MLS have teamed up with a new listing type called ‘limited service’.

Because of this new dynamic duo, ‘for sale by owner’ is now apart of the MLS. For sale by owners can now list directly in the MLS using a flat fee MLS broker and market their own properties. By owners, through this new listing type, can handle all offers and contracts themselves and not pay a commission to a Realtor. This new MLS listing classification allows the for sale by owner to do represent themselves and not pay a 6% commission.

The only commission a for sale by owner would pay is to a buyer's agent, if that agent happens to sell the home. And, that commission is solely determined by the by owner seller and goes only to the Realtor selling the home. Typically, for sale by owners offer 3% but can offer 1, 2, 3 or 4%.

And, if the by owner sells the home on their own with no Realtor involved, then they would handle the sale exactly the same way as they would being 100% by owner. In this case, no commission is owned.

Finally, for sale by owner MLS listed properties are bringing more buyers and a higher overall sales price to this once excluded FSBO market. It is a fact that 86% of all buyers work with Realtors and is especially true in this complicated real estate market made up of short sales, bank owned or foreclosed properties and the difficulties of getting appraisals to come in at a high enough level to get a deal done.

Partnering with your local Realtors through flat fee MLS is now the best way to sell a for sale by owner home.

A flat fee MLS listing is a low one time fee of (Program not currently available) and there are no other strings attached. The by owner can cancel the flat fee MLS listing at anytime and they control every aspect of the selling process.

So partner up with a FSBO marketing plan that makes sense, saves time and money! It's called a ‘limited service MLS listing’ or flat fee MLS listing!