For Sale By Owner can list directly in the MLS

If you could offer a commission only to buyer's agents, say 3%, and skip having to pay their broker a commission of 6%, would you think about getting your For Sale by Owner home listed in the MLS?

If you are like many by owner home sellers who would pay an agent 3%, then you should list your home using a flat fee MLS listing service.

Besides getting listed on your local MLS so Realtors will see and show your home, a flat fee listing service will also bring an arsenal on Internet marketing that add a powerful list of by owner sites to your marketing plan.

The MLS is very important but, so is AOL, MSN, yahoo, bing,,, IDX Realtor feed sites, and the BargainNetwork. These search engines and websites hold as many as 30% of all buyers searching for homes.

86% of all buyers use a Realtor. So, if you have a listing in the MLS and a listing on all the above mentioned websites, then you now have a powerful for sale by owner with MLS marketing plan.

Selling in today's market does take more creativity, knowledge and attention to detail. Detail is what I would like to talk about with regards to selling a home by owner. Our company is ADDvantage®. We are a by owner MLS listing service that offers for sale by owners the best possible level of service and attention to detail possible.

Here is how we do business. We offer all by owners their own seller control panel to manage their by owner MLS listing 100% online. This control panel allows you to change price, lower or raise the commission, print brochures, see who has viewed your listing or send us a message. Everything you do on your side is duplicated on our side so we can make changes for you. Once a change is made, our system sends you an email confirming the change.

That is just the beginning of our expert attention to detail. The moment we list your for sale by owner with MLS home, we send you a snap shot picture of the actual MLS listing so you can see exactly what the Realtors see. If you agree that your MLS listing is perfect, then you would accept the listing by typing your name in the box ‘I approve’. If there are any errors, then type those errors in the other box ‘I do not approve’ and we will correct the errors and resend the report.

Our ‘front of our house’ phone support is 9:00am-6:00pm 7 days. All calls at ADDvantage® at taken ‘live’ by real humans and each call is transcribed into an email and sent to the by owner MLS seller in real time.

When you add up all the benefits of listing your home with a by owner MLS service such as ADDvantage®, you can easily see that this is the best way for a for sale by owner to get maximum exposure with the least cost.

And the best part of listing by owner MLS with ADDvantage® is if you sell your home without a Realtor, you pay zero commission! Now that is a plan any by owner can agree is a winning FSBO marketing strategy.