Listing on the Multiple Listing Service for a Flat Fee

Sellers are catching on to the cost saving of flat fee MLS listing. Since 2000, more and more FSBO sellers have listed flat fee in the MLS saving 50% off the traditional 6% selling costs associated with full-service real estate.

For Sale By Owner sellers know that a listing agent's roll is over played in most situations. If the owner of a property can lock box or show the property themselves, then a flat fee MLS listing might be the perfect solution for saving money when selling real estate.

Another important consideration that By Owner sellers or “self-represented” flat fee sellers need to consider is representation. Many By Owner sellers that list in the Multiple Listing Service do represent themselves.

ADDvantage recognizes that some FSBO sellers want a flat fee MLS listing that comes with contract representation. ADDvantage PLUS™ is a contract-to-close flat fee program meets this need by offering FSBO's a very effective flat fee listing that costs just $799 at close. One benefit of this type of flat fee listing is the seller's phone number remains anonymous to Realtors® because the listing used by ADDvantage (Exclusive Right of Sale) is the same type of listing used by a full-service Realtor®. An ADDvantage PLUS™ listing improves the “presentation” of a flat fee listing.

Seller's benefit from not dealing directly with any Realtor® related tasks such as setting appoints to show (ADDvantage schedules all showings), contract negotiations, inspection reports and closing details. Other benefits include the confidence that no Realtor® will shun or discriminate against a seller because they are “flat fee listed”. Realtors® can't identify an ADDvantage PLUS™ listing as flat fee.

Regardless of which program a FSBO seller chooses, ADDvantage PLUS™, Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast program designed for 4% and greater buyer's agent commission), or MLS ADDvantage® (our basic (Program not currently available) flat fee plan), seller's always have the right to sell By Owner and pay no commission.

ADDvantage is known as Florida's most reliable and trusted flat fee MLS listing company for several reasons. ADDvantage is Florida's only flat rate MLS service or full-service company that holds regular office hours from Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM. In the realm of real estate, this is unheard of because it costs too much to man-the-phone 9 hours a day. FSBO sellers benefit greatly by having these extended hours of live phone support as Realtor® and buyers do call the flat fee MLS listing service on a regular basis. Over the past 12 months, over Realtors® or buyers have requested showings through ADDvantage.

The most misunderstood aspect of a flat fee MLS listing is Realtor® calls. While it does state in a basic (not ADDvantage PLUS™) flat fee MLS listing to “call seller directly for all showings and offers”, about 50% of the Realtors® pay no attention to this remark and call the flat fee listing broker directly (both numbers are in the MLS). It makes sense that Realtors® would call the listing broker being that for the past 70 years Realtors® have called the listing broker as protocol. Flat fee listings are relatively new and many Realtors® actually do read the remarks but prefer calling the listing broker because they are “traditional” Realtors®. Hence the reason why ADDvantage PLUS™ is the best flat fee MLS listing available.