For Sale By Owners Need the MLS

There was a time that selling by owner made sense because the allure of buying a home ‘by-owner’ meant potentially saving thousands because the market was so hot that just finding a home was a challenge.

Now, selling a home is completely the opposite. Many ‘by owners’ are priced higher than similar MLS listed properties because MLS listed homeowners are scrutinized on a weekly basis by their listing agents to lower price and complete for the sale as compared with For Sale By Owners that are truly in a ‘feedback vacuum’.

Being listed on a For Sale By-Owner website without MLS exposure misses 86% of all buyers because it is a fact that 86% of all homes sold are sold by Realtors.

Buyer's agents are your allies. As a seller, you can reach just the buyer's agents and offer them just a ‘buyer's agent’ commission and bi-pass the full-service listing agent by listing your home directly on the MLS using a ‘by-owner MLS listing’.

This is the most popular way to get the exposure of the Multiple Listing Service you need to sell your home while still maintaining your For Sale By Owner listing status.

With a by-owner flat fee MLS listing, you can sell by-owner and pay no commissions at all. If a Realtor (Buyer's agent) happens to sell your home, you would pay just that Realtor a commission. Most by-owner MLS sellers offer 3% to the buyer's agent but this is entirely up to you.

Times have changed. Listing your home For Sale By Owner was once a smart move but because the market conditions have changed and the cost of listing a home on websites such as “By Owner” and others have sky-rocked to almost $5,000, it no longer makes sense to use the approach to selling FSBO. This $5,000 fee equates with paying a commission up-front. That is entirely preposterous!

A by-owner MLS listing with ADDvantage® costs just (Program not currently available) and comes with excellent Internet marketing on top sites such as,, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and many more.