Blank Coroplast Signs

Street signs (illegal by local sign code ordinances) are extremely effective in getting attention to your property. These signs a.k.a “snipe signs” may also gain the attention of your local code officials (red disclaimer below).

ADDvantage, in its early days, used snipe signs to gain attention from flat fee prospects. We have used 1000's of these “snipe” signs and generated 100's of calls. ADDvantage began its initial marketing with the use of these street signs. As a matter of fact, the testimonial below from John Birch/ADDvantage client, came to ADDvantage via a “snipe sign”.

I would like to Thank ADDvantage Real Estate for your great service and advice. I used the roadside snipe signs over the weekend, you warned me that code enforcement would take them monday, it didn't matter, because I received two offers drawn from the signs--wow did that work.
-John Birch (New Port Richey, Florida)

Our current marketing includes a combination of organic (SEO) internet placement, PPC (pay per click), print ads, bench ads, RSS feeds, partnerships, agents, licensees and direct mailing. Although, we do miss the “in your face/ gorilla marketing” style of the “snipe” sign. $850 of fines over a year's time persuaded us to use more conventional means.

But, that might not stop you from getting more attention to sell your home. Sellers and property investors all over Florida use “snipe signs” as an effective form of marketing.

The appeal of this form of advertising is that you can create your own unique message. It provides easy and immediate attention. Many people place signs Friday, late in the day and pick up those signs Sunday evening. The city and county code people who pick these signs up typically work on weekdays…however, they have been known to pick them up on weekends as well.

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