ADDvantage® Has Skilled Short Sale Agents

Short sales are not for the unskilled agent. You must have experience and do your homework because the lenders are too busy to do anything extra for your file. We therefore make it simple for the lender to approve your short sale by giving them what they need upfront.

This includes a HUD settlement statement from our title company outlining exactly what the lender will receive if that take our offer and close in it in 60 days. We go a step further and provide the lender with an estimate of market value called a BPO which stands for Brokers Price Opinion. Our BPO is done by a third party broker so it should be viewed by the lender as genuine.

A BPO is an estimate of your homes sale value, like an appraisal, but geared towards a fast 30-60 day sale.

Our “listing price” in the MLS will be at broker Keith Gordon's estimate of BPO. So when it's time to present the offer to the lender, the offer and the “third-party BPO” are very close in value. This is a critical element of getting the short sale approved.

By offering the lender a well put together short sale package, we are making their job less tasking. Our file will get more attention because it requires less work on the lenders part.