Renewing Your Listing

What if my property doesn't sell after the listing period is up?

If your home doesn't sell after the listing period ends, you can extend your existing listing for 30% off or have a brand new listing for 20% off. Our sales statistics indicate 90 days on the market is the average for our sellers.

Option #1

Extend the Listing Date: This type of extension involves adjusting the expiration date within the original listing in the MLS. The price to renew by this method is 30% off of the original listing price.

Option #2

Let Listing Expire and Re-enter Listing: This renewal is essentially a brand new listing. We will renter the listing in the MLS which will create a new MLS number and start the listing at “0” (Zero) DOM (days on market). The cost for this type of renewal is 20% off of the current program price. Many Realtors® have notifications set up for the MLS to inform them of the NEW listings. This brings your listing in front of them as a fresh listing. *Please note that though the listing will have DOM of zero, the MLS may still display the total "cumulative days on market" as well. Some MLS systems will reset the cumulative days on market to zero only after the property has been expired for 31 days and others will do so after 61 days. This cumulative data will follow you, even if you list with another brokerage.

Note: It may also be recommended to institute a new price on the listing at the time of renewal. If you need advice on this topic, feel free to contact us. You may also want to consider ordering a current CMA for $50 in the “Add Accessories” section of MY ACCOUNT as this will give you an idea of what other properties like yours are selling for in the current market.