Membership Agreement Intro was created to provide sellers a way to list property in the MLS for a fair price and with the level of control specifically desired through advanced listing software and technology within a consistent, reliable and efficient environment. In order to work, partnership with a trusted local listing broker is required because properties can only be listed in the MLS via entry by a licensed Realtor®.

ADDvantage® Real Estate Network, authorized Florida, Colorado, and New York brokerage for, is committed to providing excellent customer service by providing a professionally trained team of listing administrators, social media & marketing staff, as well as the Broker, Keith Gordon, and their assistants. ADDvantage's team is 100% committed to providing each customer/member excellent service and marketing.

It must be emphasized that any broker offering discount real estate services is not required to do so and this is not a “right” had by the public. Furthermore, brokers who do offer “limited service” or flat fee based MLS listing services are at a considerably higher risk for liability compared with agents who charge a 6% commission and control all aspects of the transaction. Broker, Keith Gordon, extends his services to you at a significantly discounted rate, enabling you to save a significant amount of commission and in turn, requires that you agree to the following tenets:

Membership Agreement

Upon signing of this agreement, Seller is granted membership to utilize Broker's discount listing services via

MLS Rules and Regulations:

A Realtor® by definition is a licensed agent who is a paying member of a local board and to gain access to the MLS, the agent must pay MLS access fees. The public (non-licensed people) cannot view or gain access to the MLS. It is the board who sets the rules and regulations for listing compliance, including but not limited to: how information is displayed in the MLS, rules about photos and status info (active, pending and sold) as well as what can or cannot be said in a property description. Fines may be assessed and access can be denied to the Broker for violating MLS board rules. Therefore, we follow a strict policy when it comes to the management of our listings in the MLS. Your cooperation is required whenever requested by our MLS compliance department or Broker.

Listing Ownership:

ADDvantage® Real Estate Network is a real estate listing brokerage, backed by Broker/Realtor®, Keith Gordon. To list your property in the MLS, you must go through a Realtor®. If you list your property with our company, Keith Gordon will be your default broker of record and technically the listing is “owned” by Keith Gordon just as all listings in the MLS are “owned” by one or another agent. In the MLS agent report, you will see “Keith Gordon/ADDvantage® Real Estate Network” as the “listing agent.” There is no way to alter this information.

Using our MLS listing Services, Service Guarantee, and Refund Policy:

You are signing up with the most professional MLS listing service available to mankind. Our listing management software is sophisticated. However, listing data must be manually entered (keyed in) and maintained in the MLS by our administrators. Once your listing has been entered into the MLS (when an MLS number is obtained), there are no refunds.

Third-Party Listing Sites:

Listings are displayed to the public in a limited fashion via many 3rd party sites so that the public can view listings that are contained in the MLS. We populate your listing to as many 3rd party sites as we can in order to give you comprehensive marketing. While we understand the importance of additional posts on third-party websites such as Zillow,, Trulia, and other real estate company “IDX feed” sites, etc., the Broker does not own, maintain, or warrant these sites to be accurate or timely with their posts or updates. If an issue is reported by Member to Broker, our administrators will initiate a trouble ticket upon notification by Member for sites that we have paying membership in. Those include: and We also have limited control on Zillow. We will make reasonable efforts to resolve issues with but cannot make warranty of 3rd party IDX/MLS sites or agent sites. Trouble tickets will be submitted with the understanding and acknowledgement by Member that Broker and staff have no ownership or direct control of these sites and cannot guarantee their accuracy. Member also acknowledges that 3rd party sites do not update price or other changes in real time. These changes may take up to 72 hours and Member agrees to allot this time before reporting issues.

Third-party Tax Appraiser sites, Zillow's Zestimates, and other Opinions of Value:

Broker and staff have no control over any third-party sites that express opinions of value such as County Tax Appraiser sites, Zillow's “Zestimates”, and other sites that may express an opinion of value on the Internet nor will Broker entertain any suggestions or fixes for these sites.

Commitment and Respect:

ADDvantage® is committed to providing the best customer service possible. We strive for 100% accuracy. We truly care about you, your listing and your sale. Due to the nature of the complexities of MLS software and Internet information exchanges, from time to time, we may encounter issues. Rest assured that we are working every day of the week, are available and you are our #1 priority. Please show our staff due respect as they work hard to ensure your listing changes get done fast and help you with questions and concerns.