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NO Yield Spread Premium!!!!

Yield Spread Premium is the interest rate the lender actually pays for the money minus what they charge you. The best example would be that the lender quotes you 6% interest but they actually borrow the money from their wholesale lender at 5.7%. They take the difference as a fee. This difference amounts to $1,500-$10,000 per mortgage!

Want to know how to keep that money in YOUR pocket?

It's a little known secret that we want to share with you. When an attorney represents you in your closing, you have the opportunity to get your mortgage through AMS (Attorney's Mortgage Services). Attorneys, who are members of “The Fund,” have access to the same wholesale rates on mortgages as the mortgage companies do but they don't charge their customers the Yield Spread Premium. They make their money on the transaction by representing you in your closing! Our affiliated attorneys, Davis, Marlow & Grey, charge a FLAT FEE of $500 for such representation. So, not only do you receive top notch representation by an attorney, you also gain access to wholesale lending. To read more about AMS, visit

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