We offer sellers two flat-fee services for listing properties. (Program not currently available) MLS ADDvantage® and (Program not currently available) Street Smart ADDvantage®. Both are flat-fee offers meaning we charge a flat-fee ((Program not currently available) or (Program not currently available)) to list your property in the MLS as opposed to possibly 3%, thus avoiding the listing side of the commission. Keep in mind that while you have listed your property on the MLS, if you sell your property to a buyer NOT represented by a real estate agent, you pay no co-brokerage commission. Because of services such as Realtor.com, Homes.com and our websites, non-agent-represented buyers have access to your listing and could very possibly make an offer on your property.

Facts About Leads

1) The MLS: The MLS displays your info as the contact name and number. All phone calls will come directly to you.

2) Realtor.com: The general public sees just our company number. We cannot publish your number as this violates the rules of the MLS.

3) Homes.com: The general public sees just your phone number.

4) MLSADDvantage.com and other sites: The general public sees just your phone number.

Leads Are Exclusively Yours

Since the listing in Realtor.com is taken directly from the MLS, we have no control over what gets displayed to the public. Realtor.com does not publicize the "contact" person on their website; they only display the Real Estate listing company. Additionally, the MLS does not permit agents to display any contact info in the "description" part of the listing. Therefore all phone calls from Realtor.com will come directly through our office.

You have the choice of how you want us to handle those calls. In all cases we will forward your contact info to potential buyers. In certain cases buyers may request our representation in viewing your home. It is up to you how you want us to respond to that request. We can refer them to another brokerage office or we can assist them. However, under no circumstances will we take a referral commission from such a brokerage company. See 4a of Listing Agreement

Why allow ADDvantage agents compete for the co-broke commission?

1) Because we deal with sellers and buyers, ADDvantage Real Estate Services may be able to generate potential buyers within our own resources.

2) Certain buyers will have more confidence making an offer if they are represented by a real estate agent. It is very possible that a non-represented buyer could fail to make an offer on your home due to lack of experience or guidance. ADDvantage agents will ensure that potential buyers receive the utmost professionalism. Unlike other agents who have no relationship with you, it is in our best interest to bring you a qualified buyer and see that the transaction goes smoothly. If your home selling experience is a happy one, you are likely to use our services again and refer friends and family to us.

If you, the SELLER, want us to have the right to compete for the offered co-broke commission, then you must give us your expressed permission to do so. If given permission, ADDvantage agents will have the option to show your home to any lead found through our own resources or from a specific request for representation from a lead generated by Realtor.com.

Email or Phone
We pass all interested buyers onto you by phone or email. You decide.