Number 1 in customer support in Florida and North Carolina


Anyone that has listed flat fee through ADDvantage agrees that when it's time to list in the MLS, ADDvantage is the way to go. The reason ADDvantage has the reputation of being number 1 in customer service is largely due to the ADDvantage MLS listing software. What makes a company deliver reliable service is the ability to manage sellers' requests professionally, quickly and consistently. That is exactly what the ADDvantage flat fee MLS listing software does for agents, brokers, flat fee MLS services and websites.

Through years of meticulous software development, the end result is an MLS listing system that allows one MLS administrator to manage a 100's of MLS listings. Every client need has a convenient self-serve solution, done simply by clicking the appropriate control panel function.

Whether it is the flat fee seller making the request, or a Realtor's request for a seller's disclosure, all it takes is a click and the task is done.


Take your flat fee MLS clients to a new level of customer satisfaction by using the MLS listing system chosen number one in America…the ADDvantage MLS Listing Software.

Register now and we'll notify you as soon as we are ready to release the flat fee MLS software, the website…all starting in November.