Keith's Story

Hello, I am Keith Gordon, broker for ADDvantage Real Estate Services (ARES)-part of the ADDvantage Real Estate Network (AREN).

My story is brief but the message is clear. The website is just one year old as of April 8, 2007. My full service listings now total over $8,000,000 for the Tampa area and I have pending deals to close near $4,000,000. These full service commission deals were all a result of the sellers I have met through our flat fee “limited service” company, ADDvantage Real Estate Services.

Here's why it works… Sellers are smart, especially the ones with money. They list flat fee and when they realize that you are a trustworthy agent who truly backs them up, they soon engage you to do more for them. The better service you provide as a flat fee company, the more full service listings you'll get.

Also, when clients call for advice on price changes or offers, an opportunity is created to know them better. Relationships form as a result and often your clients will come to you when they need full contract assistance. By giving free friendly advice, your clients are more likely to upgrade to ADDvantage PLUS™ or full service. Clients can easily go into their account and upgrade to a different program at any time. They only pay the difference between the program they signed up with initially and the new program.

Agent ADDvantage puts you in control. You get 100% of the flat fee sales, we collect the money through our website, we provide you with free leads and you retain 90% of the full commission transactions.

You might be asking yourself if all of this is too good to be true. The reality is that nowadays it is hard to find companies who actually deliver what they promise-whether to its agents/employees or to its clients. Specifically in the real estate industry, surveys say that only 7% of consumers fully trust Realtors®. Our clients certainly don't fall within that percentage. No client leaves our company thinking that ADDvantage didn't deliver what we promised. Our products and services are real… and they are GOOD FOR THE SELLER. What is good for the seller is ultimately good for you because it means word of mouth referrals, repeat business and much more.

We look forward to answering any questions you might have.

Go ADDvantage!!!