Fly Our Colors! Our yard sign will help your sale

ADDvantage recommends that sellers display our sign (view sample).

  1. Realtors DO NOT welcome FSBO signs. Three major reasons for this:
    • To a Realtor, FSBO = no commission. This causes confusion when they arrive for a showing.
    • They fear that their buyer will attempt to make direct contact with the By Owner seller and cut them out.
    • They associate FSBO with the poor service that MOST flat fee companies offer.
  2. Since Realtors sell at least 86% of all homes, the odds are greater that an agent will find you a buyer than you will find one yourself. You should be doing whatever you can to make them feel comfortable about working with you as a self-represented seller.
  3. If you do find a buyer yourself, the odds are that it will not be as a result of a drive-by and call off of your yard sign. More likely the lead will come from an internet listing source such as Therefore the #1 purpose of your sign should be to send the right message to agents while still displaying your direct contact info—but in a more inconspicuous way.
  4. ADDvantage has an excellent reputation with agents. Agents who see our sign know they will be treated with respect and the utmost professional service.

The power behind the ADDvantage sign

Marketing notes behind the ADDvantage sign:

  1. Seller's phone number is the only number on the sign and it reads “contact seller” in small print above the number.
  2. Our sign is professional and effective…
    • Bright colors that can be seen from a distance.
    • Displays “The ADDvantage Network” (nothing about “flat fee” nor does the name suggest discount service).
    • Realtors associate The ADDvantage sign with a positive experience and commission.