Track MLS Listings and Create Inventory Reports

When you use Builder's ADDvantage™ to list your builder inventory on the MLS, we make it simple to track and manage your MLS listings. Simply click on “my account” and your customized Builder's control panel will allow you to:

You'll know exactly how many properties you have listed in the MLS, along with all the details of each listing. Our filtering options allow you to render inventory reports sorted by city, county, or development. From there, quickly generate emails of your inventory to one or 100 people within your company.

Communicating information with one or multiple recipients once a report is generated can be accomplished from the same module. Just type in the e-mail addresses of your recipients, select the frequency of the report, click then send. Builders ADDvantage™ is versatile, uncomplicated and adapted for builders.

You'll know details such as MLS number, price, commission offered, model, address, square footage and MLS listing status.

The days of relying on third-party sources to obtain vital information are gone. List, manage, market, and sell…all from one control panel and one flat fee.