Builders, meet your MLS flat fee connection

Welcome to Builders ADDvantage™, a division of ADDvantage Real Estate Network™. ADDvantage™ has one goal in mind when handling builders' MLS flat fee accounts: Deliver the best flat fee MLS listing service at a price that is less than what builders might expect. $220 per flat fee MLS listing buys our brand of flat fee MLS service which is the best of any flat fee MLS company.

Many ask us how a flat fee MLS company can survive without earning regular commissions. Keith Gordon, broker and co-owner of ADDvantage™ says, “For us, it's about a long term plan…Many flat fee MLS companies don't think beyond immediate cash flow whereas we built our flat fee MLS business model with the expectation of operating in any market condition for years to come. We rely on volume but with the understanding that volume means that appropriate systems must be in place to handle the volume. We have invested heavily in technology to run our company. Our MLS flat fee listing software was built to handle 100,000 listings. As we grow, our ability to profit increases.”

Most flat fee services take their profits and distribute to the owners. ADDvantage™ invests its profits in building more software and marketing tools for our clients. The Builder's ADDvantage™ MLS listing software and control panel are an example of our commitment. We are staffed to efficiently handle numerous MLS listings and changes, we provide unprecedented phone coverage, and we continue to develop our tools, marketing strategies, and software to offer our clients more. Our 9:00am-6:00pm, 7 days a week live phone coverage, real time email notices of buyer leads, Realtor® E-Blast program and direct mail Just Listed post cards are what make us highly unique to the discount real estate industry.

ADDvantage™ means business because we know one lost buyer lead can make the difference between freeing up $300,000 of capital and sitting on an unsold home. Builder's ADDvantage™ was born from a builder's mentality because its co-owner has been directly involved in building and developing on and off for over 20 years. Keith says, “Builders and ADDvantage™ are on the exact same page with the builder's goal being to market, capture all leads, show and close the ones you can. But, never leave a hole in your business plan.” At ADDvantage™, we built software that tracks the entire flow of leads, changes, confirmation of changes and other important functions such as builders' MLS inventory reports.

When it comes to buyer leads, more is more. That's why ADDvantage™ markets to Realtors® using our E-Blast system (recognized as the best email to Realtor®, “The Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast”),, (our new website coming next month) and many more important real estate portals.

Once you list, the net is in place. Now, how many buyers will call or send an email to the flat fee MLS listing company? The real question to ask a flat fee MLS company is what guarantee they can give you that every lead that finds it way into their office will find its way to you or the appropriate sales representative. For ADDvantage™, that is an easy answer as 100% of all leads will be forwarded to your contact representative 100% of the time. Keith says, “In our 2 year history at ADDvantage™, using our real time lead reporting, I can say with complete confidence that we have lost zero buyer leads. All leads go to the builder or self-represented seller.” Not losing one buyer lead is a big statement but not for ADDvantage™ because we have made the commitment to make it possible. We answer all calls 9:00am-6:00pm live 7 days per week. When an agent or buyer calls, our MLS administrators are typing in your “buyer lead” field. Once the conversation ends, the caller gets an email with link to the property (if email address is provided) and you, the seller/builder, get an email notification of the lead. As well, all incoming leads are stored in the property account.