Builders Beef Up Web Presence

Getting Buyers Off The Fence

With the market tightening and more than 70 percent of Homebuyers surfing the Internet as part of the home buying process, builders certainly understand that aggressive internet marketing, nationally and internationally is the key to survival. Maintaining high volume listings and changes, as well as campaigning to Realtors®, however, has become labor intensive for most, hence, the development of our software and unique marketing tools for Builders.

Florida and North Carolina Builders aren't complacent and the proof is in the pudding. From major discounts, to bonuses for real estate agents, builders are pulling out all the stops in an attempt to land a sale. ADDvantage is here to help you accomplish your goals in a timely, accurate manner. Builder's ADDvantage offers more than just a listing service for Florida builders. We offer quality service, superior software and a team of marketing specialists to get your homes sold.

You can try contacting all of the Realtors® in your company database with your specials and bonuses but, are you truly reaching the masses?

Builders know that generating sales is a numbers game. More internet exposure, more buyers reached, more homes sold. Builders are reaching out to Realtors® with their incentives and bonuses. But, how do you get a leading edge on your competitor in an effective and timely manner? ADDvantage's Realtor® “E-BLAST” is a comprehensive software feature that will BLAST all Realtors® within a 35 mile radius of your featured communities—every two weeks. Builders can offer their incentives, bonuses and 4% or higher commission to Realtors®, efficiently. Builders who are marketing “on the fly” should take a close look at whether they are getting enough “blast” for their buck. Are you truly getting through to the Realtors® from that Agent list that you purchased? ADDvantage has the most up-to date and broad list of Realtors® in Florida. We know that when we send Builders' offers out via E-Blast, they aren't bouncing back.

And that's not all.

When you list flat fee with Builder's ADDvantage, savvy buyers conducting their own home searches will see your homes on,,, and Your developments will get noticed internationally in the UK and in Europe. Why is this important for a builder? Builder's ADDvantage believes that no one market should go untouched and builders who are using ADDvantage's Flat Fee MLS are getting more Florida homes sold.

ADDvantage has the best MLS listing software and client support. When you list your inventory of homes you'll appreciate the ease, speed and accuracy ADDvantage offers you. From fire-sale prices to bonuses, to national and international marketing and website portal advertising, ADDvantage gets your homes noticed.