Steve, a successful businessman, exclusively uses Professional ADDvantage™

As a broker, I would like to share with you some recent experiences that should be relevant to the successful sale of your home.

Steve is an Professional ADDvantage™ client, which means he has chosen to have me negotiate the sales of his properties for him. This client, whom I have met, is a CPA, owns many businesses, flies his own helicopter, and is fully capable of negotiating his own sales. So why does Steve use Professional ADDvantage™? The answer will surprise you!

Steve is an investor and savvy businessman. Steve exclusively uses Professional ADDvantage™ to sell his many investment properties throughout Florida. He uses the Professional ADDvantage™ plan because he leverages his position as a seller without the buyer or Realtor communicating directly with him. Steve is the best negotiator I have seen in my 35 years as a Real Estate Broker and yet he does not directly communicate with the buyers. All his communication comes through me and my two assistants, Allison and Michelle. Steve finds Professional ADDvantage™ a true value because he gets the most money possible out of his investment properties. Steve would rather pay the extra money for an Professional ADDvantage™ listing, allowing me to act as his negotiator and adviser, rather than leave money on the table as sellers that represent themselves often do.

I have noticed that Steve would rather take 90 days to sell a home and get his price as opposed to taking the first offer that comes on the table. Steve is not afraid of walking a buyer. He is slow to drop his price when negotiating and often requests that I ask the buyer's agent to reduce their commission if negotiations get tough. He uses the buyer’s agent as a messenger and makes the buyers want his properties. Hats off to Steve; he truly does maximize his profits using Professional ADDvantage™.

You can too!

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