All Flat Fee MLS Listings on Are Sent To Hundreds of By Owner Real Estate Websites and Other Well-Known Real Estate Websites Such As Zillow, Yahoo, Trulia, and More is an Internet based real estate website. We take advantage of all major real estate websites to get your flat fee MLS listing maximum exposure throughout the vast Internet.

Zillow is recognized by many as the premier real estate site in the United States. Zillow's coined phrase “Zestimates” has gained popularity as a useful pricing tool. It is an algorithm that has fixed parameters. While the Zillow “Zestimates” maybe low at times, their pricing algorithm appears to be universally low which makes it a useful tool. imports Zillow's Zestimates on property IDX property searches as a guide to value as well as price per square foot and other useful sorting search features. See sample of a IDX property search.

Yahoo, Trulia, and Craig's List are other popular real estate listing sites, which publish for sale data. While not as popular as or Zillow, any marketing is good marketing because all it takes to sell a home is one buyer. We at recognize we are in a sales and marketing business.