Professional ADDvantage™: “The Conduit for Offers”

The are many valid reasons to choose Professional ADDvantage™ as your best choice for listing your Florida home in the MLS, but the main reason to use this flat fee MLS plan is the conduit factor. Realtors and buyers are looking for comfort and an open door when they call to fish around for more information about your home so they can make an offer.

The way this call is handled can make a difference on getting that offer. Our approach is simple. We invite the Realtor to make any offer and provide the confidence that we, as representatives for the seller, will do our best to get a deal done.

The seller cannot offer such comfort as the seller is the "it". The seller is the owner of the home and has a vested interest in their bottom line. As the conduit for offers, our responsibility is not to worry about how much the initial offer is for but rather get the offer coming so we can open a doorway to a potential deal.

As well, once that offer does come in, our responsibility as your representative is to explore that offer in detail before a seller counter is made. This is the second reason why it is to a seller's advantage to use Professional ADDvantage™. The job of buyer due-diligence is extremely important in two ways. First, we need to know as much about the buyer's motivation as possible. This includes what other properties the buyer has seen, where they are from, where they currently live, when their lease is up, if they recently sold a home, and where their Realtor feels they will go in terms of maximum offer. Second, not all buyers are created equally in terms of credit worthiness. We call the mortgage broker or banker and verify exactly what financial information they have obtained from the buyer as proof that the deal can actually close. If we feel uncomfortable, we can request a pre-commitment letter from the lender within 5 days of contract, should a contract be made.

We do all this before we even counter an offer. This buyer due diligence helps the seller counter the buyer more accurately and also gives guidance as to how aggressive the seller can be during negotiations.

These tasks are not easily accomplished by a seller. Often sellers enter contracts leaving thousands of dollars on the table because they negotiated too quickly. Others fail to even open the door to an offer because it is low or they lose the opportunity even begin negotiating because the agent moved on to another property.

Recently an offer came in $100,000 under the ask price and our clients who happened to be out of state Realtors (both husband and wife) declined to counter. After a little pep rally by me, they were convinced to counter. The deal was made 3 days later at their price. You just don't know about a buyer's first offer until you explore the buyer further.

Our job as your representative is to be your professional conduit for offers. In the end, you save money because we lose no time or detail that may help you sell faster and likely for a higher amount than if you represent yourself. Our Professional ADDvantage™ service is a tool to leverage buyers and their agents.