Tips for Florida Sellers to be More Successful Selling Flat Fee MLS in Florida

To be successful selling flat fee MLS in Florida, there needs to be team work between the seller and their flat rate MLS broker.

The flat fee MLS seller should, if possible, use a lock box. It helps sell homes faster because Realtors are often unpredictable as to when they want to show. Realtors call everyday looking for showing instructions when they are in the neighborhood or right in front of a home. If the seller has a lockbox on the door, ADDvantage can assist them instantly, giving them the code or advising them it's on a Supra Realtor box. ADDvantage always records the show time in the seller's account under “buyer leads” so the seller knows when the home is being shown.

If it's not possible to use a lock box because of pets and such, then consider other ways to accommodate showing requests. The more showings you get, the faster you will sell.

When marketing a flat fee MLS property in Florida, use an ADDvantage yard sign, not a FSBO sign. ADDvantage flat fee MLS sellers are successful 37% of the time selling “by owner” and 63% of the time a Realtor will have the buyer. The odds are pretty good that a Florida Realtor is going to sell your home. Therefore, appeal to them by using a sign that looks like a full-service sign, as our does, because Realtors equate full-service signs with commissions. They equate FSBO signs with “no commission”.

Be ready to show, even Saturday mornings at 10:00 am.

Sellers should complete the Florida Seller's Disclosure statement found on our website. Realtors will always want a seller's disclosure before they make an offer.

While most flat fee MLS Florida sellers represent themselves, ADDvantage makes contract-to-close services very affordable. Our Professional ADDvantage™ Flat Fee MLS Program is 0.75% at close ($1,500 min). Professional ADDvantage™ is the best value in Florida for concierge contract-to-close representation. We do it all, right through closing. Contract representation can save sellers money in many ways such as a higher negotiated sales price, less money given back to buyers when inspection related issues surface and avoiding other contract pitfalls. Besides, it is advisable to put a skilled negotiator between a seller and a Realtor representing a buyer. Keith Gordon has 35 years experience as a Florida real estate broker, understands all real estate contracts (FAR and FARBAR), short sales, bank owns and has an extensive construction background for those demanding Realtors pursuing money from sellers on inspection related disputes.

The Florida Flat Fee MLS Broker should always forward all buyer leads to seller; answer the phone well so no buyer leads or Realtor requests for showings are missed; allow the seller freedom to cancel a listing with no fee; provide language in the Florida Flat Fee MLS Listing Agreement that says listing broker will “unconditionally” remove MLS listing at once (within 24 hours) if a seller makes such request for MLS listing termination.