Listing flat fee MLS is more popular than ever in Orlando

Listing Flat Fee MLS in Orlando is more popular now than ever before in Orange County, Florida. What many by owners sellers in Orlando don't know is flat fee MLS listing services are not all the same.

Some flat fee services are not licensed in Florida but are “websites” that refer you to a local flat fee MLS Orlando listing service to maintain and input your MLS listing. That referred broker is the one that you will be doing business with, not the website that collected your payment.

Many national websites refer their Orlando flat fee MLS listings to ADDvantage. If you end up as an ADDvantage client, then you are in excellent hands as we deliver world class service and provide Orlando by owners everything necessary to be successful.

In Florida, there are many options to get listed in the Orlando MLS. But, getting listed in the MLS is not the only need of a by owner MLS seller. Sellers need flexibility to change their listing from being “active” in the MLS to “cancelled”, if the need arises. Not all flat fee services allow sellers to just cancel. They may charge a fee as high as $500 or require a 25% referral commission from the new broker. This is outrageous and is not a traditional flat fee MLS listing but rather a flat fee trap.

Sellers also need buyers. Finding buyers in a “buyer's market” is of course more difficult than in a seller's market. When listing flat fee MLS in Orlando, by owners need every buyer lead possible. Some flat fee listing services do not give the Orlando flat fee MLS seller buyer leads that are rightfully theirs to work. Just because a website says “flat fee MLS” doesn't necessarily indicate that if you are listing with a reputable company.

At ADDvantage, we offer what we call a traditional flat fee MLS listing. We define “traditional” to mean that the seller receives everything they need to sell by owner and the flat fee broker is “employed” by that seller deliver on that promise.

If you are wondering why a flat fee broker might take your buyer leads, just image the temptation from 3% buyer's agent commission on a $500,000 home…That's $15,000!

To be even more specific about what a flat fee MLS Orlando seller needs, ADDvantage authored a document called the “Flat Fee MLS Seller's Bill of Rights”. It defined a traditional MLS flat fee listing.

When listing your Orlando property through ADDvantage, all buyer leads from,,, and 100's more FSBO websites all go you. This is not case with all flat fee MLS services. Our service commitment to you is a guarantee…a guarantee that all calls, whether from a Realtor or buyer, will be answered live from Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM. And, each call will be transcribed into an email and sent to you in real time.

When listing flat fee MLS in Orlando, trust only a genuine flat fee service such as ADDvantage.