How to Get More Money for Your Home with Professional ADDvantage™

You have worked hard to keep your home in perfect shape, paid the mortgage for years and deserve the best offer possible. That is where Professional ADDvantage™ and I, Keith Gordon, Broker, can help you get what you deserve: The highest and best offer.

Selling your property as a self-represented seller makes you, by default, the negotiator. Dealing directly with buyers and their agents seems appealing because you want control over every detail. However, by making yourself accessible, you are removing a powerful barrier that would actually offer additional leverage when you negotiate with agents and buyers.

Buyers' agents are the most aggressive sales people on planet Earth. They are not your friend. Buyers' agents have one goal: sell your home to their buyer at the lowest price possible so that the appraisal goes well, they close fast and they get paid their commission.

I see it differently. I want things to go slowly. I want the buyers to want your home and sweat the deal. I want the appraiser to work hard to find the best possible comparables to get the deal closed. I want the best buyer, not the first buyer.

As a by-owner seller, Realtors see you as an opportunity to reach a fast and buyer-friendly deal without having to work the deal with the prowess of an experienced listing agent or lawyer representing the seller.

Through my brokerage experience and skills of 35 years, my mission is to net you more money than you would be able to negotiate yourself. Often sellers end up being manipulated by buyers and their agents, who collectively seem like "the great and mighty Oz", with intimidating and powerful leverage. My role is to expose and neutralize them because, in essence, if they want your property YOU actually hold the power. But in real estate emotions and fear often take over logic and strategy. By succumbing to their pressure, you may be leaving some of your equity on the table. Hence why having a buffer and objective negotiator can be critical. I will bring the power of contract knowledge and mortgage experience to your side so you can relax knowing you will receive every possible consideration, strategy and advice possible to get you the best deal.

Real estate transactions can be complicated as there are many different contracts a Realtor can present, with as many as 10 different contract addenda, which all mean different things, numerous addenda requests and inspection addenda. We do all these tasks for you. We are fast and professional. All requests and offers are processed through the closing.

Just because the buyer has a pre-qualification letter or a pre-approval letter from a direct lender or mortgage broker doesn't necessarily mean that buyer can or is able to close a deal. It means different things depending of the lender or broker, all of which must be verified as accurate. Only a person knowledgeable about finance and mortgages is qualified to ask the right questions. Accepting a contract assuming the buyer is qualified is a gross mistake. This can take your property off market for 30 days losing valuable time.

By choosing to list your home with the Professional ADDvantage™ plan, you have just purchased a list-till-u-sell plan that protects you from having to speak with Realtors and unrepresented buyers who wish to schedule showings, because we do this task flawlessly, 7 days a week - 9:00am-6:00pm for you. In addition and most importantly, you avoid the annoying and confusing Realtor/Buyers' agent sales pitches about why you should sell your home for less, based on the neighborhood comparable past sales data, etc. They will show you their buyers' approval letter and expect you to "sign here".

While most agents don't know me, they will soon find out that I am one of the most aggressive and knowledgeable seller agents in United States. I have worked with and against some of United States's best buyers' agents and lawyers. These experiences have taught me what to expect from aggressive buyers' agents. I have observed how pushy they are about supporting their agenda, not yours. Things are not always as they seem in the real estate business. My practice therefore is, "show me" and then "I will verify and investigate" before I take it at face value.

If you hire me to represent you, I will take away all the buyers' agents' power to negotiate against you, transforming the negotiation process into a level playing field that turns the buyer's agent into a professional taskmaster of buyer due diligence. The goal is to reach a contract that is fair and well fought for.

You remain 100% in control with an Professional ADDvantage™ listing. All counter offers are made only after I have your approval.

For the same reason my partner and I started ADDvantage in 2005 to bring honesty and transparency to real estate, we offer you contract-to-close representation and a genuine list-till-u-sell effort. Thousands of home owners have trusted ADDvantage to sell their homes as well as choosing to make another smart decision by trusting me and my staff to investigate and uncover all the hidden facts behind each offer so we can bring the best offer to you.

How Professional ADDvantage™ listing actually saves you money and time:

  1. Only an experienced broker/agent such as myself can find out how many homes a buyer has seen and how much they may be willing to pay before we start negotiating.
  2. A qualified broker can eliminate unwanted sales pressure from buyers' agents and aggressive buyers looking to low-ball so you can achieve your goal of seeking the most favorable offer.
  3. I personally investigate and uncover potential risks that an untrained person may miss:
    • Why a married couple has just one name on the contract
    • Risks revealed through getting detailed information from the mortgage broker or banker about the buyer's ability to close the deal instead of relying solely on a pre-approval letter
    • Verification of buyer's employment
    • Verification of buyer's source of funds
    • Verification of buyer's proof of funds
    • Requesting a higher level of bank underwriting approval, if needed
  4. Defending and protecting your bottom line from aggressive, overzealous building inspectors.
  5. Assisting appraisers to find all possible closed sales comps to get the deal closed.
  6. Assisting and advising sellers on the risks associated with signing a one-sided contract or buyer's agents pushing non-protocol closing fees onto the seller's side of the contract which can cost $1,000's.
  7. Advising sellers of the risks associated with convoluted sale-lease deals and why they and the buyers presenting them are dangerous.
  8. Keeping unscrupulous buyer's agents from your valuable home equity.
  9. Explaining why paying a buyer's closing cost may not be in your best interest.
  10. Revealing how to attract multiple offers and making this work in your favor.

If you have questions, feel free to call and discuss with me anytime between 9:00am and 6:00pm, every day at 727-942-2929 or 1-877-232-9695.

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