Flat Fee MLS listings are the king of the for sale by owner world and Professional ADDvantage™ is the king of the flat fee MLS listing world

It's good to be the king. Just like any business, there is one company or product that leads the way. In the ‘for sale by owner’ world, flat fee MLS listings are the Ferrari when it comes to performance.

The reason flat fee listings work so well is because 86% of all homes sold by Realtors and sell for a higher amount as compared with homes sold using the ‘for sale by owner’ method.

Now there is an even more powerful way to capitalize on the concept of using flat fee MLS. That product is called Professional ADDvantage™. This hybrid flat fee listing plan combines all the benefits of a full-service MLS listing with all the freedoms of being a ‘for sale by owner’.

In this flat fee listing plan, the seller receives professional service and representation every step of the way. With an Professional ADDvantage™ listing, the seller retains the choice to sell ‘by owner’ and pay no commission. As well, the seller benefits by having all the buyer's agents (Realtors) working to sell your home. And, a powerful third component which is contract-to-close representation from a skilled licensed real estate broker to represent you if your home is sold by one of the many highly aggressive and skilled Realtors in Florida.

With an Professional ADDvantage™ flat fee listing plan, sellers don't have to worry about dealing with the contracts, inspection reports and the back and worth negotiations. This innovative flat fee MLS listing service completely eliminates the need for paying 6% to sell a home. Professional ADDvantage™ cost 0.75% at close ($1,500 min).

Florida ‘for sale by owners’ can be rest assured that the broker representing you will watch out for you every step of the way during the selling process. For sale by owner done right is an Professional ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS listing.