Get a pro to communicate with the Realtors using Professional ADDvantage™


This email below describes a situation that one of our unrepresented sellers ((Program not currently available) plan) got into by NOT having the Professional ADDvantage™ Plan and Keith Gordon represent them. This ADDvantage client decided to negotiate directly with a buyer's agent (Realtor). The results? Read this email asking for help:

"We just found out the Realtor mislead us about there buyer. apparently they are having difficulty getting the house they sold closed, thus putting our closing off. may be putting our house back on market. we want a bigger deposit and proof of there problem before we will continue to keep our house off the market. please advise us or have Keith call us."

-Anonymous seller from Florida

Hi, I'm Keith Gordon, broker for ADDvantage. There are many reasons why it is better to have me negotiate offers for you and represent you right through closing. The most obvious reason is the buyer's agent is not your friend. In my opinion, they are your enemy, truly! All smiles until something goes wrong or you paid for something you shouldn't have.

Buyer's agents represent their buyer, not you. If your home doesn't close, it's not their problem, only yours. You can lose valuable time "being off the market" and get into a myriad in problems.

My 10 reasons why it is a wise decision to invest in the Professional ADDvantage™ "contract-to-close" plan:

  1. Keeping distance between you and the buyer's agent allows you more leverage and negotiating room.
  2. 35 years of experience behind you when Keith Gordon represents you. He knows what questions to ask!
  3. 99% of all seller's that Keith Gordon represents, closes their homes on time.
  4. Keith is respected by title companies and fellow Realtors as being a professional negotiator and Realtor/Broker.
  5. Keith will likely get you more money for your home with his expert skills in negotiations.
  6. Buyer's agents will often slip fees and customary "buyer" expenses onto the seller.
  7. Buyer's agents can be aggressive, mislead you and don't care one-cent about your best interests!
  8. Inspection reports must often be negotiated and Keith is well-versed on home construction and defending your best interests.
  9. Communication is key to a successful closing. Some transactions involve over 40 emails between buyer, buyer's agent, seller, title, HOA, and others that requires time and expertise.
  10. The cost of the Professional ADDvantage™ listing plan is less than a 1/2 of one percent and offers the same protection and service that a traditional 6% agent charges.