Important Questions for a Home Inspector

1.    What qualifications do you have? Are you a member of the National Association of Home Inspectors or the American Society of Home Inspectors?

2.    How long have you been practicing the home inspection profession and how many inspections have you completed? How many inspections do you do per year on this type of property?

3.    Can you provide me with a list of previous clients for whom you have done inspections?

4.    Do you carry a professional errors and omission insurance policy and if so, may I have a copy of it?

5.    Specifically what will the inspection cover?

6.    After you have completed the inspection, what type of report will I receive and how long will it take to receive?

7.    How long will the inspection take?  (Avg. is about 2-3 hours for a typical residential home unless there is more than one inspector)

8.    What is the cost of the inspection?

FARBAR Standards for Real Estate Transactions - Section D
D. WOOD DESTROYING ORGANISMS: “Wood Destroying Organisms” (WDO) shall be deemed to include all wood destroying organisms required to be reported under the Florida Structural Pest Control Act, as amended. Buyer, at Buyer's expense, may have the Property inspected by a Florida Certified Pest Control Operator (“Operator”) within 20 days after the Effective Date to determine if there is any visible active WDO infestation or visible damage from WDO infestation, excluding fences. If either or both are found, Buyer may within said 20 days (1) have cost of treatment of active infestation estimated by the Operator; (2) have all damage inspected and cost of repair estimated by an appropriately licensed contractor; and (3) report such cost(s) to Seller in writing. Seller shall cause the treatment and repair all of WDO damage to be made and pay the costs thereof up to the amount provided in Paragraph XII (a). If estimated costs exceed the amount, Buyer shall have the option of canceling this Contract by giving written notice to Seller within 20 days after the Effective Date, or Buyer may elect to proceed with the transaction and receive a credit at Closing equal to the amount provided in Paragraph XII(a), If Buyer's lender requires an updated WDO report, then Buyer shall, at Buyer's expense, have the opportunity to have the Property re-inspected for WDO infestation and have the cost of active infestation or new damage estimated and reported to Seller in writing at least 10 days prior to Closing, and thereafter, Seller shall cause such treatment and repair to be made and pay the cost thereof; provided, Seller's total obligation for treatment and repair costs required under both the first and second inspection shall not exceed the amount provided in Paragraph XII (a).
FARBAR Contract - Section N
You should be familiar with section N of the FARBAR Contract, which includes provisisions for inspection, repair, and maintenance. This is the same material that inspectors look at when they do an inspection.
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