6 Keys to Successful Getting Your Short Sale Closed

  1. List your property with a broker that takes your short as seriously as you do. I understand the short sale process, I do care about your credit and will guide all parties quickly and accurately to a conclusion.
  2. The short sale process is about making sure all players coming into the transaction are on the same page. The short sale process starts with your phone call to your primary lender so a short sale package can be ordered.
  3. It is up to me to establish as accurate list price that I believe the lender will accept.
  4. List the property in the MLS as a short sale and attract the offer and buyer that we want and move onto to the lender.
  5. Make sure the buyer’s agent and buyer both know that the short sale will take up to 120 days.
  6. Move the short sale along every 3 days by calling the lender for updates. We waste no time!