Listing your property FOR RENT in the MLS

If you have your property listed for sale but would also like to offer it for rent, we can help!

When we list your property in the MLS for rent it goes in as a separate category all together. So if an agent is looking for rentals for their client, they will do a specific search on the MLS in the rental section.

Cost for existing clients: $199
Term: 6 months listing

Steps of adding property For Rent:
1) Enter required rental info (our system auto-populates all of your previously entered data)
2) Initial and sign electronic listing agreement
3) Checkout
… The rest is up to US!

We will need some extra information regarding your rental such as: rental price, security deposit amounts, pet deposits, etc. Once you proceed to the next step, our system will bring up your existing property data. You will only need to fill out the required fields. You will then go on to the listing agreement and finally, the checkout. You will not need to upload photos again as our system transfers them over to the rental listing automatically. You will then have two separate listings on the MLS as well as our site and other real estate portals.

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