Sellers Excited about Listing Florida Flat Fee MLS

Who said selling Florida real estate has to be a dreadful experience? Florida property sellers who list flat fee MLS with ADDvantage™ Real Estate Network actually enjoy their listing & selling experience!

Selling “For Sale by Owner” in Florida is truly a breeze when listed flat fee MLS with ADDvantage™. Once a Florida FSBO signs up and lists their real estate with MLS ADDvantage®, they can list and manage their Florida homes, land, commercial or rental properties without difficulty…and yes, many of our flat fee listed sellers said it was a pleasure! At the very least, we've made it an easy and smooth process for Florida FSBOs! ADDvantage™ brand of flat fee MLS offers real estate selling tools, accessories and options for Florida home and property sellers and these easy listing tools are all just a “click” away.

Florida FSBOs who list with us aren't put off by trying to locate what's required to list and sell their Florida properties in their local Florida MLS. All listing tools are readily accessible from one module, organized and to the point. It's so easy to list flat fee in the MLS with ADDvantage™ that even the seller with minimal computer skills can simply “point and click” and list like a “pro!” Florida sellers love the fact that our flat fee MLS software was designed for selling success, with ease of use.

Smooth Selling from Florida's Flat Fee MLS Mission Control!

Listing and selling your Florida home “For Sale by Owner” flat fee MLS isn't rocket science…Not for sellers who list and sell with MLS ADDvantage®! Sign up with our most popular flat fee MLS plan in about five easy steps (see our sample sign up procedure) and from there…It's nothing but “smooth selling”. Florida FSBOs on a “mission to sell” can access real estate tools, track leads, print brochures, order accessories, get forms and add additional professional Florida real estate services directly from the comfort of their own home! List, manage and direct all aspects of Florida MLS listings from the seller control panel 24/7!

Once an ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS listed seller logs into their account and then proceeds to their seller control panel—many listing and selling options can then be accessed from just one module. Starting with the listing management section of the seller control panel—Florida FSBOs can change their price or commission, edit Florida flat fee MLS listing data or photos, add more marketing such as Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast, order jumbo “just listed” post cards or change the MLS listing status of their Florida property; such as… from active to contract pending and then ultimately to SOLD! Manage documents; obtain a number of Florida Real Estate forms and contracts as well as important Florida contract and real estate form information and instructions.

FSBOs listing flat fee in the Florida MLS with ADDvantage™ Real Estate Network never have to wonder about the details of their flat fee MLS listing. Our flat fee MLS clients, just “point and click” to view their Florida property's listing on and Click on “property view history” from the listing tools section of the seller control panel to find out how many buyers have viewed your listing at Documenting scheduled events such as “For Sale by Owner” open house events, or scheduled Florida Realtor® and buyer showings is done by utilizing the seller's calendar. Once our flat fee MLS sellers receive a contract, they can easily add inspection dates, closing dates or any other pertinent closing information, such as meetings with Florida inspectors, etc. Once a seller lists flat fee MLS with MLS ADDvantage®, it's easy to upgrade to Street Smart ADDvantage® directly from this same module…and pay just the difference between the flat fee MLS plans!

Sellers choosing the Street Smart ADDvantage® plan are smart Florida sellers! Street Smart ADDvantage® sellers can utilize their calendars by scheduling open houses which get included in the E-Blast along with their property info. This blast informs the Realtors® within 35 miles of the flat fee MLS listed property that a premium commission (4% or higher) is being offered as well as upcoming open houses. When a Florida FSBO is listed flat fee MLS with us, tracking buyer leads without missing a beat is crucial and can be done with one click. ADDvantage™ offers 100% buyer lead protection and when leads come in to our office from Florida Realtors® and interested buyers; they are immediately e-mailed to our flat fee listed sellers in real time! All of this information is tracked and accessible and easy to manage for FSBOs from one module.

Property brochure templates are free once FSBOs sign up with MLS ADDvantage®! Our Florida sellers love editing and creating professional looking property brochures from the template provided. Full color brochures can be displayed in “FSBO” info-tubes or to at their Florida property open house events. Purchase virtual tours, showcases, CMA and appraisals, upgrade to any of our other great plans and get professional representation if needed from licensed Florida Broker, Keith Gordon, ADDvantage™ Real Estate Services.

List flat fee with Florida's number one choice for discount and flat fee MLS and everything a Florida home seller needs to sell their property Flat fee MLS accurately, easily and professionally is a point and click away—Now-- Florida sellers who list flat fee MLS with us agree…selling Florida property flat fee MLS with ADDvantage™ Real Estate Network is something to get excited about!