Florida Sales Contract Negotiation and Flat Fee MLS Services

Skilled Realtor® vs. Inexperienced Seller: Sellers should be very careful not to get in over their heads when negotiating a sales contract with a skilled Realtor®.

Many sellers can handle offers and counter-offers as well as various issues without much assistance. You may have even negotiated a real estate contract or two. We trust you are savvy enough to seek help when needed. ADDvantage™ is more than just a flat fee MLS listing service and we have years of experience in Florida Real Estate contract negotiation. The language in a FAR or FARBAR sales contract (the contract predominately used in Florida by Realtors®) is rather straight-forward.

Seller Concessions and the Closing Table: Many common issues revolve around “seller concessions” such as closing costs and secondary negotiations as a result of the home inspection. Don't let these issues prevent you from experiencing a smooth closing. PLATINUM PRO will provide you with the additional assurance and coverage you deserve.

The Royal Pain vs. the Royal Treatment: Closing the deal is the end-all, be-all in selling your home. Buyers have many hoops to jump through in order to purchase your property especially when it comes to financing. Pre-qualifying a buyer or helping a buyer find financing to purchase your home is often the most overlooked issue that a self-represented seller (flat fee MLS listed) will face. At times, buyer financing seems to be a mirage of issues that are well hidden inside a file sitting on the mortgage broker's desk. Will that broker really tell the seller why the deal hasn't closed yet? This process is at times a cat and mouse game of half-truths. We have the royal treatment to that royal pain in your “closing”. PLATINUM PRO can offer you the additional coverage that you're looking for.

Don't Miss A Trick: If in doubt, seek professional advice before signing a real estate sales contract. Contract representation service is available through PLATINUM PRO. An alternative is to seek the advice of a Real Estate Attorney and/or, to stay on top of every small detail yourself!