Closing Cost Calculator

This interactive table is provided as a courtesy by ADDvantage Real Estate Services. We are not mortgage brokers, nor are we affiliated with one. We are not a title company company, nor are we affiliated with one. Please ask your closing agent or title company for a HUD-1 settlement statement at least 3 days prior to closing. As well, within 3 business days after the broker or lender receives your loan application, you must receive a written statement of fees associated with the transaction. This is both the law and the best way to determine what you'll pay for your loan. Bring the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) with you when you sign loan documents. You should not be expected to pay fees which are substantially different from those contained in your GFE.

Not all lenders charge the same fees. Some lenders do not charge application fees and fees vary. Delete the ones that do not apply to you.

It is always a good idea to be represented by a real estate attorney when entering into a sales contract to purchase real estate or at closing.

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Loan Amount
Sales Price
Hazard Insurance 3 mo get quote from title company Property Taxes 6 -9 mo get quote from title company Flood 3 mo get quote from title company Closing review fee (attorney) rb interactive rb interactive Total
 Buyer's Closing CostsSeller's Closing Costs
Items Payable in Connection with Loan
application fee 500
Doc prep 350
Admin fee 600
Processing fee 450
Reserves Deposited with Lender
Title Charges
Owner's Title Policy   RB see table or $500,000 = $2795
Mortgage Title Insurance Policy 50  
Title binder fee 325  
Loan Package fee 150  
Document storage 25  
Endorsement Florida Form 9 Title 10% of 29 D plus $25 150 
Endorsement ALTA 8.1 25  
Endorsement ALTA 5.0 25  
Endorsement ALTA 6.0 ??  
Navigational Servitude Endorsement
closing fee 200 200
title search   85
title exaimination   75
doc prep   25
wire fee 50 50
overnight fee 50 50
copies, faxes, phone 40 40
Recording Fees
deed 200 20
mortgage 100  
post closing recording 125 125
Misc charges
payoff request fee   250
HOA transfer fee 125  
estopple request   150
survey 400  
home warranty   if offered (rb interactive)

We will gladly recommend a title company or real estate attorney in your area.