Sell your property faster! How?

Use our sign that has been PERFECTLY designed as a hybrid FSBO/MLS sign.

Why is our sign so good?

Un-represented buyers (ones without Realtor) will call: They will call on our sign because ours says “contact seller” next to the number.

Realtors will call or won't be alarmed because they will feel assured that the seller is MLS listed and they will be protected.

Be proud to be listed with ADDvantage! Fly Our Colors because there is no better flat fee MLS company in America.

Reasons NOT to use ordinary FSBO signs:

“Because FSBO signs give Realtors® the distinct impression that there is no commission being offered and FSBO signs advertise a message to all Realtors® that you are flat fee MLS listed (Realtors equate dealing with a flat fee MLS company as getting the worst service possible)”
says Keith Gordon, broker for ADDvantage with 37 years of real estate experience

So, what's the myth sellers are buying into when they use FSBO signs?

“Sellers believe they will play both sides of the market… appealing to those buyers who feel they will get a better deal working directly with a FSBO seller while simultaneously being listed in the MLS.”
- Keith Gordon

The above theory is completely incorrect. Here's why:

  1. The concept of being listed flat fee in the MLS is to:
    1. get in front of Realtors® without paying a listing commission;
    2. sell the property yourself and pay no commission.
  2. The flat fee concept is not to:
    1. turn off Realtors® but rather get them to show and sell
    2. get the Realtors® to call ADDvantage from their cell when showing and say “why is your listed property at 1519 have a FSBO sign on it? I thought it as listed in the MLS?
    3. get Realtors® to call ADDvantage and say…”Hi, am Joan Wilkerson from Advantage Remax and I really don't feel comfortable with that FSBO sign in the yard because my buyer might approach your seller directly and go around me.”

And Don't Make this Common mistake:

Put out two signs…a FSBO and an ADDvantage sign…this just as horrible/likely worse. Now you are advertising to all Realtors® that you are flat fee MLS listed…not the message and hurts the seller, again. Why is “flat fee MLS” not the message? Because Realtors® equate dealing with a flat fee MLS company as getting the worst service possible. They might not know that ADDvantage is different and answers the phone 9AM-6PM, 7 days a week and will assist them in any way possible.
Remember 85% of ADDvantage's “solds” come from Realtors®! Wouldn't it make sense to play into these Realtors® needs as much as possible!

Increase Your ADDvantage!!!! And sell your property faster!!!

Click here to order an ADDvantage Real Estate Network* sign.

*FYI…the reason why our new signs say ADDvantage Real Estate Network and not ADDvantage Real Estate Services (like the old ones) is because:
  • The best flat fee MLS sign design (says the National Association of Realtors) is one that does not mislead the general public in thinking that a caller is reaching a Real Estate agent or company when in fact they are reaching a seller. A truly correct “limited service/flat fee MLS” sign is one that clearly states who the caller is going to reach…our sign says “contact seller” next to the number.
  • Our new ADDvantage Real Estate “Network” sign is our new national “website” name and is truly a correct FSBO/Flat fee sign in the eyes of the National Association of Realtors® and local MLS boards.