Are you missing calls about your flat fee MLS listed property in Florida? ADDvantage, a Florida flat fee MLS service has fielded calls on Saturday and Sunday over the past 12 months.

How important are Realtor® or buyer calls that ADDvantage takes live on Saturday and Sunday? At ADDvantage, we believe it could be the difference whether you sell your Florida property successfully or not.

From the start, we have been answering our phones 9:00am-6:00pm including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Keith Gordon, broker for ADDvantage says…

“When we started ADDvantage in 2005, we modeled our company after what we thought sellers would want. Our slogan became “Real Estate By Your Rules!®” As a result of our attention to detail, we have become Florida's best flat fee MLS listing service.

Our phone protocol is expensive to maintain but it does result in more showings for our flat fee sellers in Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and other cities in Florida.

Working with Realtors® is our goal. They sell 85% of all Florida homes so being there for them on Saturday and Sunday is important. Realtors® start calling just after 8:00am and don't stop until 9:30 pm. While we don't publish hours after 6:00pm, we often are working to field those calls as well.

ADDvantage is the only Florida flat rate service that maintains extended hours of operation. We also charge a bit more than the average flat fee service because we offer superior service.

An ADDvantage MLS listing starts at (Program not currently available) while some services are priced closer to $249.

When it is time to sell your $799,000 Orlando home, or a $2,500,000 property in Miami, Florida, or a $545,000 home in Tampa, our level of service commitment will exceed your expectations.

ADDvantage will give your listing the best chance of getting shown during the weekend when often the deals are made.

We do charge more than our competition but we are not selling bananas. In this business, true service is priceless.”

Many sellers considering flat fee MLS might say “my number is in the MLS- let them call me.”

While in principal this may seem correct, in reality it doesn't work that way.

Sellers' phone numbers are published in the MLS under the Realtor® remarks section. But often, Realtors® overlook these remarks and call the listing broker.

Realtors® or buyers found their way to ADDvantage the past 12 months on Saturday and Sunday. 0 calls came before 9:00am and after 5:00pm. Could one of these calls be your sale? In our experience, the answer is emphatically, “Yes!”

ADDvantage forwards all leads to our flat fee sellers in real time by email. We also guarantee not to miss any calls.