The following is a set of typical MLS rules and policies

New MLS Rules and Most Common Finable Offenses

Inaccurate MLS data can cost you a sale…and result in an automatic fine for degrading the accuracy of the MLS database! Here is a combined list of regulations which are now finable offenses and the most common inaccuracies that trigger a fine.



A Word About Fines

One of the hallmarks of a well-run MLS is that its users can rely on the data entered by their fellow real estate professionals.

We don't like imposing fines as much as you don't like getting them. In fact, it would save your MLS lots of money and staff time spent each month policing the database, sending out fine letters, and tracking chronic offenders – all to ensure the accuracy of the critical data fields you depend on.

A few minutes reviewing that just-loaded listing or updating your current ones can save you and your broker needless hassle and expense.