Before you list your home with another Flat Fee MLS listing service, read why we do things differently at ADDvantage®

We are the best flat fee MLS listing service because we make sure every detail about listing is perfect. When you list your home using our flat fee MLS listing service it's all about communication, reliability and marketing. We make sure your MLS listing is perfect for you, the Realtors and the buyers searching the Internet. Things at ADDvantage® are not business as usual in any sense of the word…We are a discount real estate company that was founded on the principals of communication and details. Everything that we do is centered on service.

99% of the websites that promote flat fee MLS listings take your money but are not actually licensed in your state. They are not members of your local MLS Realtor association. Once they have your money, they refer you to a local broker. You don't know anything about that broker. You don't even know if they'll answer their phone, go out of business in a month, or be a reliable partner to assist Realtors seeking showing instructions. You are, in essence, handing over the keys to your home and the success of your sale to an unknown third party…That's insane!!

Did you know we receive 2 or 3 calls a week from home sellers who are frustrated with their current flat fee MLS listing service because they can't reach them on the phone, won't answer emails, won't change price, or cancel their MLS listing. If you can't reach your flat fee MLS service on a dependable and reliable basis then you are wasting your time, even if they only charge $99 for a flat fee MLS listing. It's not about price, it's about integrity, dependability, and reputation. ADDvantage® has answered every call live since 2005 from 9:00am-6:00pm and we continue to do so! Realtors and sellers alike can only have one opinion of ADDvantage® and that can best be described as “they are always available”. Just read our client testimonials…They all pretty much say the same thing! Our clients get same day changes using their easy to use client control panel.

Here's what we do to make sure you have the best chance of selling your home…

9:00am-6:00pm 7 days we take all incoming calls live by knowledge and friendly humans. Over 60 calls a day come to ADDvantage® and every call is recorded into the appropriate home owners account and an email is sent. Whatever the “showing instructions” are for the account, they are given in real time, every time. We lose no opportunity to show a home. That is why we are better!

Communication is the key to your success. Realtors need showing instructions anywhere from 5 minutes notice as they often call right in front our your home and say “can show your listing at 55 Washington St.” We are ready to assist anytime we are called. Realtors need HOA documents, seller's disclosures, surveys, elevation certificates and have endless questions. Our system stores all these important seller documents so Realtors can gain access to them by simply going your and entering your MLS number.

Once a Realtor calls ADDvantage® for a showing, an email is sent confirming the show time. In that email, a link is provided to direct that Realtor to your important seller documents and disclosures as mentioned above.

Feedback from Realtors can help you sell your home faster. After each showing, our system sends an email to each showing Realtor requesting feedback which is then emailed to you and stored in your seller control panel. In this email, there is a link back to your important seller documents as mentioned above.

Our Internet marketing is extensive. We blanket the Internet with your listing from MSN, AOL, Yahoo,,, and hundreds more sites.

By owners decide to list with us because they know our website is articulate. Our clients are detailed oriented people and believe there is a difference between flat fee MLS listing services…And, they are right! Our hard work at ADDvantage® is working and our flat fee MLS sales prove it!