For Sale By Owner say ‘The More the Merrier’

In today's competitive for sale by owner marketplace, buyers hold the key and Realtors control 86% of all buyers.

The odds of finding a buyer that doesn't have a Realtor are about 14% though it is possible, of course. The best for sale by owner strategy is to partner with Realtors in a ‘by owner with MLS’ situation where you still have the freedom to sell by owner but also have the option of using the MLS to find a buyer.

There is a product that can do just that and it's called flat fee MLS listing also known as ‘by owner MLS’.

This co-marketing strategy combines the best of the MLS and FSBO into a complete sale by owner master marketing plan. Here, the by owner agrees to pay a commission only to the buyer's agent, if that buyer's agent (Realtor) sells the home. Most for sale by owners offer 3% when using this marketing strategy. This strategy allows the by owner to sell their own home and/or allow a Realtor to bring a buyer. If you sell without a Realtor, you would pay zero commission. But, if a Realtor brings the buyer, the by owner agrees to pay a 3% commission which save you from paying a 6% or 7% commission as would be the case for full-service.

While all the above mentioned facts are very helpful, the main reason to invite the Realtors into your for sale by owner marketing plan is because it is a fact that homes sold by Realtors sell for as much as 18% more than homes sold by owner.

Being that Realtors hold the lions share of the buyers, it would only make sense that there is one buyer out there who is willing to pay more than say 3 others. That one buyer is the one you would hope buys your home. It could also be said that the more offers one receives on a home, the more one could expect from the sale. This is the reason why when Realtors are involved in the sale, they bring more buyers to view your home and the more the merrier when it comes to getting more for your home.