By owner MLS is a better way to sell

Since 1995, the MLS opened it previously closed listing system to all for sale by owners. The way to get listed in MLS without paying a broker 6% is to list using a flat fee MLS broker also called by owner MLS.

By owners now have all the power of the MLS and all the freedom of being a by owner. It only makes sense to have the Realtors bring you buyers because it only costs 3% to attract the Realtors using by owner MLS.

Because the listing broker gets paid a flat fee ranging from $200-$500 to list the home in the MLS, the by owner only has to compensate the buyer's agent.

There are many more benefits of being listed by a reliable flat fee MLS broker such as also getting listed on AOL, Yahoo,, and

Selling a home today requires an aggressive Internet marketing plan and a well-priced home. Pricing a home correctly is the biggest single factor on getting sold. Many by owners and MLS listed sellers are priced at a level were they leave too much room to negotiate. While this strategy has worked well in the past, what I see happening in today's buyers market is homes that are priced to sell, leaving very little room to negotiate, get more showings, more offers, and ultimately a higher sales price.

Unlike a full-service service 6% listing, by owner MLS sellers can immediately reduce their sales price by 3% because they only pay 3% less to sell. Secondly, what I often see sellers often do is get frustrated with no offers and then aggressively negotiate with one buyer. Their ‘leave room to negotiate’ strategy went flying out the window when this occurs!

As opposed to waiting on a sole-offer and then negotiate aggressively, pricing your home where you would sell it which attracts more showings and offers. One of those offers will be your deal.

This was the tip of the day for by owner MLS sellers!