Importance of Real Estate Attorneys

Before you sign on the dotted line, consider a Board Certified Real Estate Attorney.

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Do I really need a real estate lawyer to close on my property?

You might think of it this way…Your home is likely your biggest investment and protecting that investment with one of the brightest real estate attorneys in Florida will cost you about $500.  Some attorneys will represent you at the closing without a fee just to have the opportunity to issue the title and mortgage policies on your property.  The interesting thing about the cost of Title Policies is that the premiums are regulated by the State of Florida.  This is known as a POMIGATED RATE.  This rate is the same regardless of who writes the policy.  So all things being considered, it is ideal to have an attorney write the policy.

What skills does a real estate attorney bring to the table?

  • Board Certified Real Estate Attorneys ensure the title is merchantable through the issuance of title policies.  Title insurance is a must.  Even if you pay cash for your property, the title is the only evidence of ownership besides possession.  Real estate attorneys review the history of the title called the ‘chain’ and in turn, pass on to you an insurance policy that guarantees its merchantability (salability). 
  • A real estate attorney provides another level of professional protection.  Their knowledge of real estate law is greater than that of real estate agents and title companies.  Lenders' (bank or financial institution) closing agents or closing attorneys have already reviewed all the closing documents to ensure they meet all of the bank's and secondary market's loan criteria but lenders have different principals than the borrower.  They represent the mortgage holder.  Your own attorney represents just you.
  • If there is a title issue to resolve, the attorney will be better suited to properly handle the problem.
  • There are many reasons to have a qualified board certified real estate attorney represent you and your new real estate transaction but one of the most important is the piece of mind you gain from knowing that your interests are well protected by a professional.

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