5 Tips for a Smooth & Speedy Sale

1. Price it realistically. Getting a CMA and advice from an experienced Real Estate Agent will help you arrive at the right price.  To speak to an ADDvantage agent to help you determine your asking price click here. If you set your price unrealistically high, you may miss out on potential buyers who never consider your home because it is out of their budget.  You will likely end up reducing your price but by that time, the qualified buyers may have already contracted with another seller who was priced right. 

2. Don't put your home on the market until you have taken a few weeks to get it ready for showing.  Click here for 10 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Home.

3. Be prepared to handle showings and be as flexible as possible with potential buyers.  The more you show your home, the faster you'll sell it.  If you find that you are not available to show your home, consider using an agent who can show on your behalf.  ADDvantage Real Estate Services offers a 2% FULL SERVICE program that includes open houses and showings

4. Be prepared to deal with offers.  Decide ahead of time what your bottom line is on price and what your requirements are for the terms.  If you do not feel confident in reviewing offers or presenting counter offers, read more about the process through our Platinum program or Speak to an Agent about options for having one of our agents work with you when dealing with offers. 

5. Don't reject the idea of lowering your asking price…especially if you need to sell within a certain time-frame and your home has been on the market for a significant amount of time without an offer.  

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