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Sellers considering listing with a discount listing service all have the same 2 questions regarding 6% Full Service Agents vs Flat Fee MLS Listing Services

  1. Do properties sell for higher sales price when listed with a 6% agent?
  2. Do properties sell faster when listed with a 6% agent or with a discount method?

So we decided to check up on our past clients who cancelled their discount MLS listing with us and go with a full service agent. We compared their sales stats with the stats of clients who sold through us. We tracked all the way back to 2005 when our company began. The results were surprising, even to us…

Listings sold through ADDvantage:

Listings sold through other firms (after leaving ADDvantage):

So the next question becomes WHY?

Real Estate is a competitive business and sellers do sometimes switch between real estate companies searching for the best agent to sell their home.

However, the truth is, PRICE is what drives real estate transactions, not the agent. The Internet has changed the way people shop-even for real estate. And buyers now have access to websites such as Zillow, and local MLS sites. Because of this readily available on-line info, buyers know what is available on the market and what things are selling for.

We at ADDvantage believe in 100% transparency. Not all sellers are successful selling their homes in Florida with ADDvantage right away. Some get antsy and choose to switch to a full-service agent in hopes of finding more success.

Some sellers believe that a particular agent can make the difference… in theory this makes sense. For example, if your listing agent doesn't get back to prospects that call or email about your listing, then this could be a true detriment.

But in the case of ADDvantage, we exceed full service agents in our service for capturing buyer leads. In almost all cases, if one of our listings isn't selling, it's a price or other property-related issue.

No real estate company in Florida offers better service, more professional Internet marketing or gives better advice than we offer at ADDvantage.

Why would anyone pay more money in commissions and to sell for less money? Smart sellers realize this and find success through our discount listing services. Sellers should price their homes no more than 6% over “market” and as a reward, save thousands in commissions and sell faster!

Best reliability, best service, best advice=BEST RESULTS