Florida Homeowners Should Be Aware of Common Mistakes When Choosing a Flat Fee MLS Service.

Flat Fee MLS Property Seller's Top Mistake: Whether you are selling a property in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, or Miami, if you choose the wrong Florida flat fee MLS Company to list your property, it may result in a relationship with a “listing broker” whose loyalty may not be with you, the seller. We realize that assisting you with obtaining leads on your flat fee MLS listing as well as assisting Realtors® with showing instructions is an important factor to consider prior to choosing a flat fee MLS company. To successfully sell any property, we know that you want more than a simple MLS flat fee listing online with just any company. You can be confident that we are here to work for you, the seller, and do as much as we can to ensure your flat fee MLS listing is supported and all of your leads protected. Read about our lead capture system.

Solution: Find a Florida based flat fee MLS service that truly cares about the sale of your property. ADDvantage™ does! We also answer the phone 9AM to 6PM, seven days a week. Your property can be located anywhere in Florida, from Tampa to Miami–including cities such as Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, Gainesville, Jacksonville & Daytona…Choose us to service your listing and we will answer that call for you, because we want you to sell your home! Read our flat fee MLS Seller Testimonials

Another Common Flat Fee MLS Seller Error: Florida property sellers often price their home incorrectly. How do you know you're priced right? While there is no exact method to pricing a property, most sellers have a good idea of value, especially those who surf the Internet & use and other listing sites. When you list flat fee MLS with ADDvantage, we offer a free CLA (Comparative Listing Analysis)- available in most major cites. The CLA will give you an idea of what other Florida sellers are listing their properties for. If you would like a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis), this can be purchased on our website either ahead of time or at checkout while listing your property with one of our flat fee MLS programs. A CMA is done by a licensed agent and compares data from the MLS based on properties sold recently in your area. To order a CMA for $50, click here.

How To Gauge Market Activity: Get a sales contract in one week on your Florida flat fee MLS listed property and you are likely priced low. No calls in a week, you are probably too high. Three leads a week comprised of one or two Realtor® requests for showings, a or other real estate website lead and your listing is generating activity and your flat fee MLS property is priced well.