What do Orlando FSBO sellers, the Mid-Florida Regional MLS, and saving money have in common? The answer is a Flat Fee MLS with ADDvantage.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008, 10:53AM

By: Keith Gordon

Orlando residents can list their homes in the Mid Florida Regional MLS, Realtor.com, Homes.com, 100's of other real estate FSBO websites and get great service when listing through ADDvantage, Florida's most trusted flat rate MLS broker.

A flat fee listing in Orlando with ADDvantage costs Not Available…for that fee, your Orlando property will be listed in the Orange County MLS (called Mid-Florida Regional) and retain the right to sell “By Owner” if no buyer's agent is involved.

Flat fee listings are popular in Orlando because they afford the seller flexibility to advertise to Realtors® through the MLS and pay just the buyer's agent a commission while still maintaining FSBO status, so that should an unrepresented buyer come along, no commission will be owed at all. At ADDvantage, we make selling flat rate in the MLS simple and straight-forward.

There are 5 Keys to Success when Selling Flat Fee MLS in Orlando.

Number one key to success is do business with a trusted and reliable flat fee MLS company. Doing that will take care of the other 4 keys to success because you won't have to worry about some unknown company taking advantage of you because you don't have time to get your flat fee MLS doctorate. There are many moving parts and nuances to listing flat fee that make up the other 4 keys to success…

Number two key to success when listing flat fee is getting all buyer leads from Realtor.com. Always read between the lines when doing business with anyone. Flat fee websites are no different and just because a website says they are “Flat Fee MLS” doesn't mean they really are. If the listing broker takes your buyer leads from Realtor.com, then this broker is NOT a flat fee broker…he/she would be a flat fee con artist.

Number three key to satisfaction when listing flat fee is don't believe the rhetoric that all calls from Realtors® and buyers go directly to the flat fee seller. Nothing could be further from the truth. 50% of the calls go to the seller and 50% to the broker. No seller information at all is allowed in Realtor.com, just the listing broker's. Realtors® are instructed in the MLS listing to “call seller directly for all showings and offers” under the Realtor® Remarks section of the MLS listing but more than half of the Realtors® don't read those remarks and call the listing broker directly…and understandably so, being that for 70 years calling the listing broker has been protocol. So, how does the flat fee broker handle all these calls and emails? Do they have set hours of phone support? Do they email these leads and calls to the seller? Do they work on Saturday and Sunday when many calls come in to the listing broker? ADDvantage has fielded over 4376 calls from Realtors® and Buyers across Florida over the past 12 months. Every call is answered live by an ADDvantage MLS Administrator and all calls are transcribed into an email and sent to the seller, 9 hours a day, 7 days a week starting at 9:00am and ending at 6:00pm, Saturday and Sunday included.

The number four key to success when listing flat fee in Orlando is the listing agreement. Make sure the flat fee website publishes one. If not, move on to one that does. Read it carefully and look for buyer leads and who gets them. Look for the cancellation rights and whether there are penalties. Look for the phrase “unconditional withdrawal” from MLS upon request from seller. No other words mean the same thing. Not “conditional”, not “remove”, not “cancel”…it must say “unconditional” or you may be trapped in a suspended state where the listing broker will cancel the listing but it remains in the MLS under that broker until the balance of the listing term runs out, preventing another broker from re-listing the property.

The last key to success is marketing. ADDvantage has full time marketing experts to ensure your flat fee listing reaches the Internet world looking great.

Read the most articulate and straight-forward listing agreement in Florida…the ADDvantage Flat Fee Listing Agreement.

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