Some people say limited Service listings (flat fee MLS listings) put the seller at a disadvantage because <span class="rlt">Realtors®</span> might shun these listings.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007, 12:00AM

By: Keith Gordon

Our sales statistics would beg to differ.

Many Realtors® would consider it advantage to work with a non-represented seller because they feel they will gain more control over the transaction. They may perceive a non-represented seller as more naïve and therefore easier to negotiate a deal with.

Price and commission speak much more loudly than what type of representation the seller has. Ultimately a reasonable Realtor® will be motivated to show a property that is a good deal for the buyer as long as the commission being offered is acceptable. Unlike Home Discovery and other Flat Fee companies who have abused the MLS system, ADDvantage has a good reputation with Realtors®-especially since our properties, on average, offer higher commissions than many full service brokerages.