Orlando Home sellers get same day service

Tuesday, November 20, 2007, 1:43PM

By: Keith Gordon

Selling a home in Orlando? Need to get listed fast in the Orlando MLS flat fee? Then consider listing your property with the fastest flat fee MLS service in Orlando, ADDvantage™. Why list flat fee MLS with ADDvantage™? Because at ADDvantage, we spend our time improving our state of the art MLS flat fee listing software to provide fast & easy changes, we offer dedicated customer support twelve hours per day and we guarantee 100% lead protection to ensure you never miss a single buyer lead for your Orange County flat fee MLS listing. ADDvantage™ clients agree that listing a home flat fee MLS with us is easy, fast and accurate. ADDvantage™ has built the best and most reliable flat fee MLS software of any discount real estate company in Orlando or the country, for that matter. You might say to yourself, “what difference does it make?” Try to list a home in Orlando flat fee MLS with another service that uses an antiquated system to communicate change requests. At ADDvantage™, changes to your Orlando flat fee MLS listing are made practically in real time!…No wondering or worrying and no need to follow up. Once you submit a change in your client control panel, a message is sent to our MLS flat fee administrators. When the change is made by them, our software notifies you by email.

Being the fastest flat fee MLS service in Orlando is not as important as being the most reliable flat fee service in Orlando. A misconception in the discount MLS listing business is that getting flat fee MLS listed is the same regardless of which flat fee MLS service you list with because sellers believe that it will be their phone number posted everywhere. This is as far from reality as reality gets. Here's why: every flat fee MLS service is backed a broker. That broker must have a Florida real estate brokerage license. That broker of record is duly licensed through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and this broker's phone number will appear in every Orlando flat fee MLS listing regardless of whether that broker is a discount (flat fee MLS) broker or a full service brokerage firm. The bottom line is, Realtors® will see both your number and the broker's number in the MLS listing. Some Realtors® will call the seller and some will call the broker of record. Additionally, there are times when sellers miss phone calls. If an agent calls you and doesn't get you, they will likely call the broker of record. If the flat fee MLS service that you list with in Orlando doesn't answer their phone, then your sale is at risk. Realtors® have many options to choose from and are not patient when it comes to waiting to get showing instructions or lockbox info. At ADDvantage™, Orlando's best flat fee MLS company, we answer the phone live 9:00am-6:00pm 7 days a week! We never miss Realtor® or buyer calls. As a matter of fact, ADDvantage™ is the only flat fee MLS service in Orlando that actually does answer the phone live 9:00am-6:00pm 7 days a week.