Orlando flat fee sellers…get listed for free and risk not getting the most important investment sold.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007, 1:54AM

By: Keith Gordon

Free is good unless you are selling your Orlando home using a free MLS flat fee company. Before you list your home flat fee MLS with a “free” MLS listing website, consider what the flat fee company's motive is for providing a valuable service at no cost. In our experience, these offers are made by companies who are actually title or mortgage operations (or who are affiliated with one) looking for a back door approach to making money or getting leads. Sellers in Orlando are in need of more buyer leads and Realtor® showings and can't afford a free flat fee MLS listing that might actually cost them leads.

ADDvantage™ believes flat fee MLS listed sellers in Orlando deserve the best flat fee MLS experience, service and buyer lead protection and that is what we guarantee.

Getting flat fee listed in the Orlando MLS for free may seem like a great opportunity to get in the Mid-Florida Regional MLS. A seller might avoid paying up front for a flat fee MLS listing but in the end, the seller will pay a much higher price in terms of miss or reduced buyer leads and Realtor® showings. Being a successful flat fee MLS company means not missing one buyer call or email and maximizing Realtor® showings by backing up sellers when they cannot be reached. ADDvantage's™ long hours, 9:00am-6:00pm, 7 days a week, help Orlando sellers because often Realtors® call on Saturday and Sunday for same day showings. No other “regular” MLS flat fee company can provide this, let alone a free MLS listing service.

ADDvantage's™ broker for the Orlando area says, “Orlando FSBOs, don't be fooled by this free MLS listing lure and remember, in almost all cases, anything worth having costs something. Not only does ADDvantage™ field all calls and emails live, but a record is sent by email to the seller in real time as well. Since 2005, ADDvantage™ has offered flat fee MLS service in the Orlando area via Mid Florida Regional MLS and we have never lost one single lead.”

Another question one should ask is: “If the flat fee MLS listing is free, how does this MLS company make back the money it loses every month to support that free flat fee MLS service?” ADDvantage's™ Florida broker says, “Either they aren't giving any service or they have ulterior motives.” The question is, is it better to pay Not Available for the ADDvantage™ brand of flat fee MLS or list for free and risk getting no service? It takes resources to efficiently maintain a highly functioning MLS listing company. ADDvantage™ employs full time MLS listing administrators, marketing & graphic specialists as well as a software developer to ensure a pleasant MLS listing experience.

Orlando sellers have a choice. Don't take the risk of not getting your most important investment sold. Get listed in Orlando's Mid-Florida Regional MLS with the ADDvantage™ brand of flat fee MLS and experience the best and most reliable flat fee MLS service in Orlando.