Are the rules changing in Orlando, Florida for listing flat fee MLS…does the Florida flat fee MLS seller have rights? ADDvantage™ thinks Orange County, Florida should adopt Florida Flat Fee MLS Seller's Bill of Rights

Friday, December 21, 2007, 5:05PM

By: Keith Gordon

It appears the rules are changing in Orlando, Florida regarding whether or not a flat fee MLS listed seller gets the buyer leads from,, yard signs, the Orlando flat fee MLS company website and other Internet generated buyer leads.

As far as ADDvantage™ is concerned, all buyer leads belong to the Orlando, FL flat fee MLS seller. Keith Gordon, broker for ADDvantage™ FL says “we have a system in place that captures all buyer leads and forwards them in real time to the Orlando flat fee MLS seller. We authored the Florida Flat fee MLS Seller's Bill of Rights and our Florida Flat Fee MLS Listing Agreement supports that bill. It clearly spells out that all buyer leads from all sources belong to the Florida flat fee MLS seller. It appears the profit picture in the Orlando flat fee MLS market is a bit slim forcing Florida and National flat fee MLS services to tactics that are not in favor of their Florida flat fee MLS sellers, but rather, are in favor of themselves. We surmise that these practices either come from greed or desperation.

There are two methods by which Orlando flat fee MLS services function to collect buyer leads from

  1. The “FREE flat fee MLS” service that sounds too good to be true…
    How can a FREE flat fee MLS service in Orlando operate in the seller's best interest? At best, sellers end up with a somewhat accurate flat fee MLS listing. At worst, sellers may face an MLS listing with errors and no support to fix them and may find that buyer leads are not getting to them, but are kept by the flat fee MLS company in an attempt to sell the property with one of their own agents—or worse, are being used as mortgage leads by a mortgage company.
  2. The “not free” version of stealing your Orlando flat fee MLS buyer leads…
    These Orlando flat fee MLS services aim to take sellers' buyer leads even though they have charged them a flat fee of $99-$499. They accomplish this by: (a) Never mentioning buyer leads on the website (b) Never mentioning buyer leads in the Orlando flat fee MLS listing agreement. Inexperienced sellers can easily fall victim to this ploy since it's a matter of lying by omission. If sellers don't think to ask how their flat fee MLS listing leads are handled, they will be none the wiser. Since this practice is not revealed in the listing agreement, Orlando sellers don't realize that they are being taken advantage of until it's too late.

List your Orlando property flat fee MLS with a company you can trust. ADDvantage™ stands by its promise to forward all buyer leads to our flat fee MLS sellers.