Is ADDvantage PLUS™ really a plus?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007, 12:00AM

By: Keith Gordon

Yes, and no. It depends on the offer and the level of real estate contract knowledge of the seller. At times, sellers can handle the offer/counter offer without third party help because they have experience negotiating real estate contracts. The advantage of having contract representation available through ADDvantage PLUS™ Not Available is that the seller can be at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating counters and most importantly, resolving inspection related matters. Most sellers have limited knowledge about what should and should not be negotiated. Staying firm and not get pushed around by another Realtor® can save the seller big money and time. Certainly more than the cost of ADDvantage PLUS™.

Read this testimonial…
“I am very satisfied with the service we got from ADDvantage. We put our property on the market with a 4% commission for the Buyer's agent and the listing was quickly on the MLS and other sites. We got several calls within the first few days and had a contract on our house on the 5th day on the market. When we ran into some negotiation problems, I called for help and we got it the same day and the problem was solved. We used ADDvantage PLUS™ and it was well worth it for the support and expertice. I highly recommend ADDvantage.”
    - Jim Stewart, Jacksonville, FL

The beauty of ADDvantage PLUS™ is that you can upgrade to it from any of our other programs at any time. Many of our clients upgrade once they receive an offer. To upgrade to ADDvantage PLUS™ from your original program, the fee is $450 up front and Not Available ($3,000 max) at close.