Orlando, Florida Chooses ADDvantage 2 to 1 Over Other Flat Fee MLS Listing Services…Reliable 9:00am-6:00pm Phone Support - Most Trusted By-Owner with MLS in Florida

Monday, November 3, 2008, 5:36PM

By: Keith Gordon

Good day everyone. I am Keith Gordon, broker for Florida flat fee MLS listing service, ADDvantage. Orlando FSBO's choose ADDvantage when they need a specialized flat fee MLS listing service and prefer working with a local company that pays great attention to all details about their MLS listing.

We provide 9:00am-6:00pm buyer lead forwarding, better flat fee listing agreements, faster response time to the needs of Realtors®, same day edits to your flat fee MLS listing and, in general, an overall better listing experience.

A recent example of how ADDvantage delivers better service is a call I just received on November 1st, Saturday at 6:45 PM from a Realtor® in Orlando. She had shown an MLS listing of ours earlier in the day. She called ADDvantage to see if our listing was one of those “limited service type of listings” (flat fee). I responded, “Yes, the seller is “self-represented.” She said “I will be presenting an offer.” I replied, “Good, you can send the offer to ADDvantage and we will forward the offer to the seller or you can forward the offer directly to the seller…whichever you prefer.” I then asked her, “Do you have a “seller's disclosure” (which is usually the first thing a Realtor® asks for prior to submitting an offer.) She said “No…can you email me one?” and I promptly checked the client's “user documents” and saw the seller's disclosure had been uploaded as we requested our client to do. I then said, “I have the seller's disclosure. I will forward this to you right now.” Off she went to present the offer to our Orlando flat fee MLS seller client.

This real story is a good example of the level of service that ADDvantage provides to our flat fee seller clients and to Orlando Realtors®. This Realtor® had no prior experience with ADDvantage and likely thought she would get no answer at 6:45 pm on a Saturday evening. I surmise that she hung up the phone with me thinking that dealing with ADDvantage was fast, professional and not what she was expecting from a flat fee listing company. We had exactly what she needed to present the offer and facilitated the process faster than a full service agent would have.

I also believe that ADDvantage is the only flat fee MLS service in Orlando that spends the time and money to send a “welcome letter” to every client of ours informing them of important details about being listed in the MLS…such as completing a seller's disclosure, other needed disclosures, making sure they change their status to “contract pending” as soon as a contract is successfully negotiated and other important requirements. Our MLS listing administrators follow up with every client and ask them to fill out the seller's disclosure if they haven't already done so. Our automated email system will remind our client again if the seller's disclosure has not been uploaded into “user docs” by the 15th day of being listed.

The importance of having important documents ready to go is one reason to list with a competent and reliable flat fee MLS service such as ADDvantage.

The examples are endless regarding the concierge service that our flat fee sellers receive every day at ADDvantage. For example, this Orlando flat fee MLS seller client of ours received an email confirming that this Realtor® was representing an offer and that we emailed them the seller's disclosure…in real time.

When you list through ADDvantage, all calls received at ADDvantage from Realtors® and buyers are answered live 9:00am-6:00pm, 7 days and each call is transcribed into an email and sent to the seller in real time.

ADDvantage has more to offer Orlando for sale by owner with MLS sellers than just great service. We also have proactive flat fee MLS plans such as Street Smart ADDvantage® which sends about 10,000 emails twice a month to all Orlando Realtors® within 35 miles of your property. The seller must offer at least 4% “buyer's agent commission” to get into the E-Blast because the subject line of the email is “High Co-Broke Commission Properties Near You.”

Call us if you have questions about our flat fee MLS services…727-942-2929 or 1-877-232-9695.