Agent Activate® is long overdue

Tuesday, February 6, 2007, 12:00AM

By: Keith Gordon

When the seller gets too busy or doesn't have time for buyer showings, they call on ADDvantage's Agent Activate®. The seller invites ADDvantage to represent them, any time during the listing, by turning this feature “on.” The contact information is switched from the seller to their local ADDvantage network agent. To use Agent Activate®, the seller typically employs a Supra or a Master lock box so Realtors® can gain access on their own. The advantage of this program is that the seller limits their commission expense to the initial co-broke amount determined at sign-up, typically about ½ of a full service commission. The Agent Activate® feature allows sellers to get professional showing representation on-the-fly. Sellers use Agent Activate® when: (a) going out of town; (b) moving and want to stay flat fee listed; (c) seller prefers ADDvantage network agent to take buyer leads because they are “professional”; (d) seller sees the benefit of having ADDvantage represent the deal as transaction brokers thus getting the best of both worlds.